Web camapign and donors 


Problem identification, research, interviews, online survey, information architecture, user flow, wireframing, visual design, tech support, post-deployment analysis and iteration

Project type

Product design (revamp)


15 weeks


Alex Ghenrelove (Lead),
Ashoka Prem (Visual)
Stuti Kahmboj (Visual)



Defining mobile 

Started with mobile-first approach serving approximately to 70 percent of users base.

Mobile is a common platform for sharing campaigns and interactions. I started designing with mobile-first and then moved onto the desktop (smaller to larger screen). The biggest challenge that came across was making a meaningful information set which is dynamic and curated uniquely by every campaigner 

Bringing campaign story together and CTAs upfront

Full picture of campaign story putting together which enhances the expereince of campaign interaction. CTAs are the most important part of any campaign. Hence it's kept stick to the page once first fold rolls up.

Design question

How might we convey the campaign story significantly to the donors to make them feel connected to the cause?


Rise fundraiser was an already existing platform but unable to attract donors, we tried it via campaign story.
Rise fundraiser established its user base for 3 years which needed the experience to revamp to fix it's mobile experience, bounce off and easy conversion.


Convey the campaign story and its progress that make sense.
Campaign story is created by users every time  which is dynamic and has personal backgrounds, putting those story into a structure was an iterative and progressive process.


One page campaign story with a flexible donation amount checkout.
Unified campaign browsing experience on different devices with multicurrency donation support. 

Establishing social proof of connections 

Connection with a campaign is an empathetic action. I decided to let users see the people connected with the campaign. It also brings socials proof of the empathy which sometimes is needed for those who feel less empathetic about the story.
Group 48.png
Group 52.png
Group 49.png
Group 46.png
Group 53.png

Enriching story and transparency

Full set of campaign story putting together, with additional stories that needed to be known to donors. Also it was equally important to share the details of fundraisers.

Flexible donation option

People are empathetic to the cause but everyone has their own budget, so it is important to have a flexible donation option rather than hardbound.
mobbile payment.png

Desktop design 

Since Rise Fundraiser was an existing platform, I started with analyzing the campaign page with a group of 30 people in house.

Group 36.png

Starting with the heuristic evaluation of the existing. 

1. Campaign progress

Campaign metadata was not communicating the goal and time definition

4. Big lines to read

UI issues having big lines to read effecting readability for desktop visitors

3. Broken story

Campaign story was put into different tabs causing bounce off without knowing about the campaign.

Mobile was more tricky

Group 3.png

2. CTAs disappear

CTAs run with the scroll. It was not visible when user decided to donate to he campaign


What triggers visitors?

Empathy is the central trigger for donors. With that, there are multiple triggers like their personal instincts that drives the interaction with the campaign.

mind mapping.png

Empathy is the heart of any kindness

Understanding donors


Via an online surveys triggered to donors on post-donation on the confirmation page. 

Questions covered from the discovery of campaign to donation. There were 168 responses in a span of 30 days. 

Untitled design (1).png

How did you get to know about the campaign?

Untitled design (2).png

What is your preferred way to give back?

What do you look for in a campaign before you decide?

Untitled design (5).png

How much you donate once you decide to donate?

Untitled design (6).png

What was your motivation to donate?

Untitled design (3).png

What kind of cause do you prefer to donate?

Untitled design (4).png

Understanding donors


Donation journey from a survey respondent

After the survey, I got in touch with the respondents and mapped their feeling and emotions that they go through at every sept step while donation. And questions that arise to their mind while making a successful donation.



Campaigns reaching to donors from a known circle is more likely to get support, few factors that matter for campaigns outside known circle.

Artboard Copy 4 1.png
Social proof with empathy

Few users tend to be less and few tend to be more empathetic. But even these sets of users are dependant on others. 

Show association and community 
Artboard Copy 4 3.png
Barriers of kindness

Affordability is a hindrance to those who feel for the campaign but they don't feel self-sufficient themselves.

Flexible donation
Group 1.png
Trust is an issue

Donors want to know the flow of money and details of beneficiary.

Beneficiary information
A little more motivation 

Some donate out of kindness whereas few need a push or need to know the urgency.

Campaign progress
Artboard Copy 4 4.png

Mostly details of the campaign help donors understand the need and they want to know what happened to money.

Detailed campaign updates
Artboard Copy 4 1-1.png
Turn around time

Navigation through the story and its details should be easy and quick

Upfront CTA
Artboard Copy 4 4-1.png

Information flow diagram

During the conversation and observation, a few points that came up and had its own definition and extension in the visitor's mind 


Before and after

With a collaborative effort of design. tech and business, Rise fundraiser performance took a positive leap. 

Avg. Session time


Visits per 15 days

300 % 

Traffic from social channels

16 %



Impact of new design