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Demoractising health against data to save life during CPR


Ethnographic research, workshop planning, co-creation workshop moderator, ideation, graphic design, motion design, presentation

Project type

Speculative design


3 weeks


Inna Zaviera
Soheum Hwang
Regina Gensinger


Leardhal, Norway

Design question

What future emergency CPR care may look like with the privatization of healthcare which is dominated by AI ?


Leardhal, a world-leading CPR training organization is looking at the future of healthcare in emergencies. 
The project started by suggesting a change in the existing CPR training module and CPR provider (bystander) response in the case of cardia arrest.


Look for a probable future that may arrive in the world of data giants like Facebook.
CPR technique has been evolved over 5 decades requires a very quick and quality response. It is important to spread awareness of CPR and reduce the delay in response time.


DHM, Democratic Health Movement which works against the distrust in government in saving life.
Making basic civilians responsible to be able to help their loved ones and their community where Facebook takes over the online healthcare system and AI is integrated to respond to emergency calls.

Future fiction

Data giants are taking over the local medical supports and data deciding the life.

With the growth of data obsession and tracing the human, AI is empowered enough. Local government ignorance towards supporting humans in community health, health services are left only for those who can afford it. But lately the government realizes the need for supporting the local healthcare facilities and started to invest more and more into it.

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DHM is a support system that builds a community of supporters called Livräddare and trains them to perform an effective CPR. 

Performing CPR is not an easy task. It requires the motivation and proper training to volunteer for Cardiopulmonary rescue. In DHM we provide a kit that explains CPR, invitation to onboard the virtual community and a mini simulator on which a person the train regularly to perform CPR.

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Association with DHM

Interview with one of the DHM members where she explains how DHM has enabled the society to perform CPR and she got into DHM?

Function flow

AI notifying the Livräddare members 

Livräddare (volunteer community of CPR providers) get triggers by AI if there is a high survival chance, based on their location so that they can reach in time. At the same time, it also notifies the ambulance.


Do it yourself

It started with we getting training on how to perform effective CPR, knowing the importance of rhythm and stroke pressure while doing CPR. 


Function flow

Looking into how the current system works once 112 is dialed during cardiac arrest

We deep-dived into the current process starting from calling 112 to the rescue reaching the patient. It involves various channels and communication between the dispatcher (who explains how to perform CPR) and the bystander (who performs CPR) which could be anyone, till the time ambulance and AED arrive.


Current flow explained

Simulation workshop

To validate our learning and to understand human reaction in emergency times.

After having the knowledge on CPR, we simulated a workshop to evaluate our learning and also see how a stranger will react when someone collapses in a casual situation.


Calling 112


Performing CPR


Discussion with real Dispatcher

What we learnt

People panic in emergencies and often loses the track of effective CPR while 

Calling and performing CPR at the same time is a difficult situation to manage

Difficult to track the ambulance status


Tapping back into the research and looking for solutions in four major domains, awareness, calling, during CPR, and making AED available as quickly as possible.

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Building future scenarios

While ideation we realized, the CPR process has evolved over a long period but now with advanced technology its changing rapidly, and automation is one the are people are looking into like every other field.

The idea of the Democratic Health Movement is based in the distrust in the ability of governmental institutions to help/save when needed. It is frustrated with the government which is rather serving big cooperations that people. Next to the first aid education it also focuses on CPR training for the members. And due to the emergence of data giants and lack of fund the government might privatize healthcare. In such a scenario, there is a higher probability of AI taking over humans in deciding the rights of lives.