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Grief talkies, conversation on grief


Literature reading, Ethnographic research methods, Interviews, workshop design and conducting, writing, ideation, prototyping

Project type

Masters of Fine arts in Interaction design 


20 weeks



Design question

How might we enable young grievers to talk about their difficult emotions of losing their loved ones post-pandemic?


Silent grieving among young adults continues to be a major setback in India and around the world impacting many individuals.
In order to shed light on pandemic death and to understand the complexity of talking about it that this particular death creates, this project has been conducted through a continuous ethnography study of young adults who have been impacted by the death of their loved ones.


Covid-19 second wave was tragic and it has opened up the discussion on grief. Understanding  ‘how grieving young adults talk about their grief’ was challenging?


A conversational AI-enabled VR tool gives access to the exchange of unique grieving experiences with the technology that blurs the boundary of judgments, fear of oversharing, and hesitance of letting your guard down.
A lot of silent stories live within us and feed off our peace but have no audience in the world. Mourners expect people to listen, but that is an overwhelming experience and mourners try not to let it loose.
Allowing for profound conversation around grief which contradicts the conventional discourse around death conversation about moving on or letting go of the bond with the deceased. 


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